Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, with Afro Colombian teens and the Ministry of Science and Technology, at Harvard Art Museums, May 23, 2022

Pescara, Italy, at Fondazione La Rocca with “The Ignorant Schoolmaster.”

Pre-Texts, Protesta/Propuesta, Pescara, Italy, 2023
“The Amoeba Tour” is a gallery visit in which each participant is a guide to an object of their choice. After circulating for a short while, each person adopts an object and says what connection it has to the text we have just read and interrogated. It’s that simple with profound results. In the process, we 1. read attentively, 2. practice critical thinking,  3. interpret, 4 .listen to each other, and 5. develop adaptive leadership. 

Pre-Texts Before and After: Agassiz Xue

Agassiz Xue, young artists interviewed for his former teacher and Pre-Texts Regional Coordinator, Clement Chung.
July, 2023

Cambridge, UK

Harvard Learns, Plays


Pre-Texts Bahamas National Art Gallery


Quibdó and Cambridge

What did we do?
Quibdó, Colombia, 2017

Dublin, Irlanda

Wheatfield Prison

Coahuila, Mexico

Learning Chemistry with Pre-Texts


Bilingual Schools

Argentina, Buenos Aires