Rosario International Poetry Festival 2021


When: November 1-9, 2021
Where: Rosario, Argentina
Facilitators: Tálata Rodriguez 
Cascade Effect
Instituto de Vivienda de la Ciudad, 2019
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Biblioteca Nacional, 2019
Digital Pre-Texts for 4th Graders, 2019
Rosario International Poetry Festival, 2021
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PT Digital I, 2020
PT Digital II, 2020


On the other hand, I found that the raw material for both encounters would be a prose text by Salvador Dalí, at first – and secondly – quite inaccessible. After three listens, the instructions were: draw a cover and show it; ask a question to the text and show it; choose a question from someone else, answer it with a poem and show it.” Read here the full article by Emilia Perez, one of the participants of “Contra toda eternidad”, the poetry and performance workshop developed with Pre-Texts methodology by Tálata Rodriguez at the Rosario International Poetry Festival 2021.