Pre-Textos Digital I


When: May-June 2020
Where: Remote (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Institution: Casa Walsh
Facilitator: Tálata Rodríguez, and Mixtli Cano Moreno
Text: Estrés y resiliencia “Una mirada desde la psiconeuroinmunoendocrinologia” by Dr. Pedro Lattuca.
Sessions: Five
Cascade Effect
Instituto de Vivienda de la Ciudad, 2019
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Biblioteca Nacional, 2019
Digital Pre-Texts for 4th Graders, 2019
Rosario International Poetry Festival, 2021
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PT Digital I, 2020
PT Digital II, 2020


In May and June 2020, Talata and Mixtli led 5 remote workshop sessions. The activities it was aimed at teachers and technicians of informal and formal education with the aim of summarizing the value of the learning experience on digital platforms in the context of isolation and mandatory social distancing imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. People from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Panama and various provinces of Argentina participated.


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