Internship 2022

Internship 2022

Doris Sommer and Justin Hu facilitated a 15-hour virtual Pre-Text (PT) training workshop for all summer interns. Now the interns are working on implementing the PT with their host organization. We can’t wait to see the final report!


Picture: Avanthika Pulijala


The Pre-Texts training workshop was conducted between 5/31/22 to 6/4/22. We introduced ourselves and jumped right into the text. The sessions were challenging yet pleasurable. Doris spoke about the origins of the Lector and the tobacco factory. Then, Justin read to us an excerpt from The Ignorant Schoolmaster by Jacques Ranciere. We doodled, questioned the text and took turns answering the questions. The Soundtrack activity which followed immediately made me go back to certain lines from the passage. This was one of the moments where my mind started working faster than earlier. A prompt as simple as, “What did we do?” could have numerous developments. We had a bunch of activities which followed. The sound and movement activity, multilingualizing the text and acting it out for our co-participants to guess left us laughing hysterically!
Then came the tangents! The Pre-Texts protocol started getting so much more interesting. Additionally, we also started to branch out and go off on leaves. I started brainstorming and working on an action plan which was going to be useful and practical for me. This was followed by us introducing our implementation plans with each other. And now, we were ready to facilitate and work the Pre-Texts magic with our host organizations.

(Avanthika Pulijala)

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       📝 Aly Accardi Tarmin

📝 Jemma Llewellyn

📝 Dharma Gonzalez

📝 Alyvia Bruce

📝 Jinsol Jeong

📝Diana Gandara

📝Avanthika Pulijala

📝Martin Vician


📝 Emma Fang

📝 Mehrin Faisal

📝 Rediet Alemu

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