Dharma Seda Gonzalez

June 13: 

I reached back out to Montse and Ibis last week, and only Ibis has replied thus far – she said that once I am back in Barcelona (June 25th), we can physically meet. She said that the schedule is pretty booked, this late into the summer, for me to run Pretexts activities. I told her that I am more than happy to attend, observe, assist, and that wherever we find a nook, I can implement pretexts protocols (ie. build it into whatever schedule/readings/activities she already has by asking questions, reflecting on what we did, collectively participating, etc). Montse has still not replied, but she did send me a cool email last week, connecting me to her coworker at the Institut del Teatre, who wrote the script for a play on the figure whom I am writing my thesis about. I think that once I get more enmeshed in the setting – which will hopefully be easy, in person – things will run smoothly from there. 


June 20:

Ibis said that I can facilitate a Pretexts workshop on July 15th. We are meeting on June 27th to discuss it.


Friday July 15:

Today, Ibis and I led a day-long workshop in Badalona, a neighborhood of Barcelona with a substantial “gypsy” population. The workshop was geared towards Catalan education for minority groups, and we led Pre-Texts protocols for a text called “Mi tío Manolo,” by João Guimarães Rosa, which is written in Catalan by a gypsy author. The group consisted of students and program administrators of all ages from Pere Closa. Here are some photos:


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