Rediet Alemu

Jun 13, 2022, Current plans for implementation


Since our team will be working with a school, whose teachers have also been trained as facilitators, we will be starting with refresher sessions for them. These sessions will be paired with small workshops to identify specific texts that can be used for pre-texts in their classrooms.

Within the class period which will be dedicated to pre-texts, we plan to include the initial reading of the text (incl. Asking, publishing, adopting, and answering questions) and an arts activity based on the text. Each activity will be paired with a reflection and the session will be concluded with instructions for a tangent activity. In the following class, the first 15 minutes will be dedicated to the tangent activity and summarizing the lesson of the previous session.

Additionally, the pre-texts sessions might be really practical for revision/exam prep classes. Even if they don’t do the art activity, they can do all the steps included in the Text reading in an open-book setting.


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