Harvard Art Museums

Giuliano Picchi, Cultural Agents fellow at Harvard  and cultural entrepreneur at MIT SAP sent these photos from our Amoeba Tour at the Harvard Art Museums on November 25, 2023. With friends from Harvard ALARI,  ALI, Universidad Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico, MIT, and a local biomedical startup, we read from  Jesús Colón’s book Puerto Rican in New Yorkthe first chapter about readers in tobacco factories. Then we connected passages from the reading with the Museum’s exhibition on Addiction.

Click here to watch the first Amoeba Tour experience in 2018 Facilitated by Polly Lauer, Jahnvi Singh, and Alex Gaydos. Another Amoeba Tour was realized on May 2023 in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Colombia, read more here.