Young People’s Project

When: June 2009
Where: Cambridge, MA
Institution: Young People’s Project (YPP)


The mission of the Young People’s Project (YPP) is to use Math Literacy as a tool to develop young leaders and organizers who radically change the quality of education and life in their communities so that all children have the opportunity to reach their full human potential. 


The Young People’s Project and the Paper Picker Press proposed a collaboration to combine training and implementation for an after-school program in both math literacy and in higher-order reading/writing skills. The collaboration recognized the shared educational philosophies of two creative practices and aimed to offer an integrated program for youth to learn and teach the range of academic skills that children and youth need to become secure and active citizens today. 


The joint project took advantage of: 1) YPP’s years of development and success in engaging high school and college students as facilitators of math literacy, along with 2) the PPP’s promotion of high-order literacy through creative arts.


In collaboration with the Algebra Project, Cultural Agents trained 15 Math Literacy workers to apply the PPP practices in their math literacy program.