WF Joseph Lee Primary School in Hong Kong

When: September 2020
Where: Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Institution: WF Joseph Lee Primary School
Text: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein


Integrating Reading with Core Values

1. Building on learners’ interests (popular classic stories with multimedia support) and experiences, we have designed with the school to deepen learners’ reading skills and strategies from reading to writing, and their core values.

2. To help learners reap the most benefits from EDB suggested Reading to Learn, schools can, in addition to carrying on cultivating learners’ reading interests and creativity, guide them to develop the habit of reading through self-learning (ebooks with universal design for learning) and classroom discussion (‘Challenging and Critical Thinking Questions’) to read deep into the classic texts appropriate for their level.

3. While providing learners with guidance, teachers can lead them to connect what they read with their personal experiences, learning experiences and world contexts (through ‘Find Out More’ and ‘Fun Facts’). Just as important is to model different strategies such as making predictions, inferences and references to deepen their understanding of the texts and create perspectives and connect to experiences. When equipped with such reading strategies and habits, learners will be able to acquire more and deepen knowledge and explore topics of interest to them through reading independently. (From intensive reading to extensive reading, while going deeper into intensive reading)

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W F Joseph Lee Primary School