Wenlai Middle School

What did we do? At the end of some hilarious role-plays and activities, the students shared What did we do? And write it down to share with you. 

When:  July – August 2022
Where:  Shanghai, China
Institution: Wenlai Middle School
Facilitators: Clement Chung, Jinsol Jeong, and Martin Vician
Texts: Little Prince, The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Dominant Centers – Yao Ming, The living legend & Basketball Sensation – Michael Jordan Success Story


Clement Chung, our Reginal Director (Asia), Jinsol Jeong (Harvard, Ph.D candidate) and Martin Vician (Harvard, Class of 2023) are running a Pre-Texts workshop on The Little Prince. Students shared their interpretations and reflections with their drawing.




In the left part of the picture, the person is expecting a good result for an event. Yet, the result is the opposite. My drawing represents the process of becoming upset when we have high expectations but don’t turn out to expectation. That is “disappointment”.

Jacqueline Zhao (Year 6, WHIS)


We invite you to see the book covers and tangents made by the students.




They also created a music wrote by themselves, and sang their own version ↓


The Do Re Mi Song – Lyrics by Group 1

First Verse

Do, a conceited man with a hat                      Jeff, Shawn, Derick

Re, he wants a clap every time                       Kris, Felix, Lisa, Jason

Mi, you always admire me                 Charlene, Eden, Emily, Jaden

Fa, a cat, he speaks Chinese               Gordon, Rita, Charlie, Yvonne

So, a bear who’s very smart               Ryan, Cathy, Kevin

La, a cookie made of cheese               Anita, Cindy, Hunter

Ti, our life is a journey                                   Vincent, Stanley, Dora

That will bring us back to Do, oh, oh, oh


Second verse

Do, a dog who calls Tom weird                     Jeff, Shawn, Derick

Re, all men are his admirers.              Kris, Felix, Lisa, Jason

Mi, the first two parts of mice             Charlene, Eden, Emily, Jaden

Fa, a far away to home                                   Gordon, Rita, Charlie, Yvonne

So, a kind man’s soul                         Ryan, Cathy, Kevin

La, way to say pull in Chinese                       Anita, Cindy, Hunter

Ti, the tired without red                                  Vincent, Stanley, Dora

That will bring us back to Do