Vivek Modern School

School to Lead foundation & ImmerseGo
Pre-Texts : Transforming the Art of Learning

School To Lead Foundation & ImmerseGo are the two implementation partners for ‘Pre-Texts’ in India. This current project by Cultural Agents in alliance with Professor Yugank Goyal of FLAME University in Pune, has already been implemented among 27 teachers of Vivek Modern School and around 55 teachers of Andhra Education Society. Teachers who have been trained at Pre-Texts by Shruti Shukla and Shreyoshi Saha teach Math, English, Science, EVS, Social Science, Hindi & Sanskrit, among others, and will soon become part of our team of certified facilitators.

Name of School: Vivek Modern School
Background of the school: A small under-resourced private school in a low-income locality in Delhi, India
Facilitator name: Shruti Shukla from non-profit organization ‘School To Lead Foundation’
Co-facilitator: Shreyoshi Saha from organization ‘ImmerseGo’
Number of teachers involved: 27
Number of students: About 800

Cascade Effect: Original Training Workshop, 2022

The objective of this project is to bring Pre-Texts in India. One of the 2 schools selected for the training and implementation is ‘Vivek Modern School’ located in Bhajanpura area of New Delhi. This report encompasses the summary of training a batch of 25 teachers over 15 hours, divided into 5 days with a weekly session of 3 hours each day.

Full Report by School To Lead Foundation

Initial grounding Text: ‘Water and the People of Chennai’ from the Grade- 8 Civics Text-book.



“This journey- right from day one- has been packed with fun learning and a lot of unlearning” says local facilitator, Shruti Shukla .