Universidad Nacional de Canindeyú

When: July 4th and 5th, 2022
Where: Curuguaty, Paraguay
Institution: Universidad Nacional de Canindeyú (FACJIS)
Facilitators: María Lurdes Ibarrola Aguilar, and Maria Isabel Davalos Arrúa

Cascade Effect:

Instituto Desarrollo/ USAID Paraguay, 2021 


Thirty-four students from the sixth and fourth year of the Law course participated in the workshop. The workshop was part of a shared class between the subjects Procedural Labor Law and Civil Practice. The analyzed texts were taken from the Labor Procedure Code “From the confession in court” art. 142 to 155 and from the Civil Procedure Code of art. 276 to 302.
We asked a graduate to read an article aloud, and then the companion next to him continued until they had read all the articles mentioned. So, we appointed a moderator among the students, who was responsible for explaining the Methodology, asked colleagues to design the article that most caught their attention, and asked each participant to ask a question to the text.
In the center of the circle formed by the participants, a table was placed where the drawings and the questions asked to the text were placed. Each student went on to explain. Then, groups of defendants and plaintiffs were formed and each group, through a simulation, put into practice what they had learned.
Testimonio Pre-Textos – Lurdes Ibarrola