Universidad Nacional de Canindeyú

When: June 10th, 2022
Where: Salto del Guairá, Paraguay
Institution: Universidad Nacional de Canindeyú (FACIJS & FACEM)
Facilitators: María Lurdes Ibarrola Aguilar, Karina Villamayor, and Guillermo Ismael Encina Pereira

 Cascade Effect:

Instituto Desarrollo/ USAID Paraguay, 2021 



The workshop was held for forty-three students in the second and sixth grades of Law and fourth year of Public Accounting at the Faculty of Business Sciences. With the related subjects of Labor Law, Procedural Labor Law and Legal Clinic, the Pre-Text methodology was implemented.

Two second-year law students, Elias and Mirian, were responsible for the development of activities corresponding to the implementation of the Pre-Texts methodology.

Participants formed by the three groups of students were asked to go to their corresponding locations and volunteer readers were asked to read articles 79, 80, 81 of the labor code. Simultaneously, the participants drew what most caught their attention. Then, the drawings of those present were placed on the clothesline and one of the participants randomly chose a drawing and asked and the author of the drawing explained what he drew according to his interpretation.


We have formed a group of three teachers of four subjects, Labor Law. Labor Procedural Law, Legal Office and Labor Law of two faculties FACJIS and FACEM of the UNICAN. We agree that the subjects are related, the points to be developed are very similar, and we develop it with the application of the Pre-texts methodology.

It was really a very enriching experience, it helped us to work as a team, our students were amazed and happy with the fun and almost playful way of learning.
A very important observation, these subjects are held on Fridays, the last day of classes, the students leave already very exhausted, and they stated that with this methodology it is worth coming even tired.