Spazio Matta

When: March 14-18, 2023
Where: Pescara, Italy
Institution: Spazio Matta
Facilitator: Doris Sommer
Sessions: 5
The participants in the group were between 30 and 50 years old on average. They did not know each other before starting the training and, probably also due to their age, a certain skepticism was perceived at the beginning of the course. This sensation, however, was already erased at the end of the icebreaking of the first day and, as the experimentation of the protocol progressed, the group became increasingly cohesive. An atmosphere of play and fun was perceptible in the air, as well as a
great energy of connection. The same energy has been repeatedly confirmed by people who, not participating in the training, found themselves attending the training by chance.
The text object of the training was The Ignorant Teacher by Jacques Rancière.

Full Report by Giulia Candeloro

Interview with Doris Sommer

Session 4 was about the activities proposed by the participants. It was fashion show time! In small groups, the texts became a fashion parade.

Every creation was associated with a part of the text.
The day ended with the circle reflection and the going off on a tangent process.


Training Action / Implementations
Evidence of the implementations being made by some of the participants.


Raffaella Zaccagna, Scuola Primaria San Lorenzo, Vasto

Antonio Zimarino, Liceo Scientifico Leonardo Da Vinci, Strada Colle Marino.