When:December 2022
Where: Nairobi, Kenya
Institution: Shamiri Institute and SHOFCO Kibera School for Girls
Facilitator: Tom Osborn
Participants: 75 teachers

The 7, 8 and 9 December, the Shamiri team led a Pre-Texts Facilitator Workshop at SHOFCO Kibera School for Girls. Over 75 teachers participated and completed the 3 day workshop. The teachers went through various sessions and explored texts in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Literature. During the art making activity, the teachers expressed themselves in song and dance, poems, drama, choral verses and even did a TV news show presentation. A memorable experience for the teachers and the facilitators. 

The teachers appreciated the Pre-Texts protocol and expressed excitement in introducing it to their students and using it on a regular basis. They confessed that it would break monotony in the classroom, especially afternoon lessons. We expect the Pre-Text implementation at SHOFCO to improve the academic performance and mental health of hundreds of students in their schools based in Kibera and Mathare.

“Our teachers indeed learnt, had fun and weree fully engaged.” Hecky Odera, SHOFCO Education Director