Santiago Creativo

When: October 2016
Where: Santiago, Chile
Institution: Santiago Creativo
Facilitators: Doris Sommer, Vivianne Gontijo, and Jasmine Fernández


A 14-participant Pre-Texts workshop was led by Doris Sommer, Vivianne Gontijo and Jasmine Fernández with organization Santiago Creativo


Santiago Creativo reached an agreement with the Chilean Association of Cultural Managers, Cultura Cerebro, and the Culture Content Dissemination Program to disseminate the workshop among professionals who lead transformative cultural initiatives.


The workshop was led by Doris Sommer. Participants applied acting techniques that allowed sharing and integrating experiences. From Sagan’s text, the group was motivated to identify questions and answers that derived from the story itself and stimulated creativity, so that through body language and other techniques some passages of the text became more understandable. Likewise, space was given to the imagination to create proposals for book covers for the text, and personal experiences were shared. The group succeeded in capturing the methodology and the strength of better reading comprehension to develop strategies to modify or transform sociocultural aspects of political, economic and socio-cultural relevance.