Reacción Acapulco

When: February 2018
Where: Acapulco, Mexico
Institution: Reacción Acapulco
Facilitator: Doris Sommer


A group of doctors, artists, and musicians, who belong to an NGO called Reacción Acapulco, came together in February 2018 to play with Pre-Texts in Acapulco, Mexico. A unique session led by Prof. Doris Sommer, this workshop featured two text excerpts rather than one. They used the first text for the first two sessions and the second text for the latter three sessions. The final session focused primarily on how to bring Pre-Texts into their work. This strategy allowed them to witness Pre-Texts’ flexibility and to enjoy variety. One activity called on participants “to taste the text,” so they all brought food to describe certain scenes from Prometheus Bound.


Reacción Acapulco won the “Cátedra Magistral de Conaculta y Harvard” award in 2013, which has allowed the group to grow as an organization and to gain acclaim across Acapulco. 

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El Sol

Acapulco, Mexico

February 12, 2018