Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Maya Dummett, Liliana Price and Amy Ojeaburu, students from Harvard,  arrived for the first time in Lima, Peru, on June 1, 2024. On June 6 and 10 of the same month they had meetings with about 100 students from different faculties of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú to present the plan for three sessions of the Pre-Textos workshop. The workshop started on June 11 with two groups due to the great interest of the local students. The second session was held on June 13 and the third (and last) session, on June 18. In addition, the three of them will hold a bilingual, intercultural and international dialogue on Friday, June 14 with PUCP students on the situation of young university students in the USA and Peru.

“The arts that we’ve been creating together have been really fruitful and creative. At one of the workshops, we had a performance that combined dance, percussion, and chanting of the text. In another workshop, we had students writing letters to one of the characters from the text we covered that day. Liana and Maya can share some of the other activities we’ve had, but overall, it has been a really great experience.”

Amy Oreoluwa Ojeaburu


“Our activity on the first day involved drawing inspiration from the poem in the text. Then, people made collages dedicated to loved ones who had passed. It was very beautiful, and the students have really embraced the methodology, showing no fear.”

Maya Nicole Dummett


“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the students and have experienced significant intercultural exchange. We’ve also had the opportunity for a lot of Spanish language exchange, which has been an amazing experience.”

Liliana Price