NEACOL’s 2nd Annual Gala

When: September 23, 2016
Where: Boston Marriott, Burlington, MA
Institution: 2016 Finalist Project, NEACOL’s 2nd Annual Gala


Pre-Texts was one of the 2016 Finalist Projects of NEACOL’s 2nd Annual Gala “Keeping Dreams Alive.” The first grant provided by the New England Association for Colombian Children was in 2014, which supported an initiative focused on education and impacted the lives of 270 impoverished Colombian children. Early in 2015, it funded a second project in nutrition that benefited 156 Colombian children and their families. In 2016, NEACOL funded projects such as Social Football, helping more than 100 children, and Learning Under a Roof supporting 50 students directly, and 300 students total.

There were four other projects nominated in 2016:

“Deja tu Huella de Paz” based in Cali and Yumbo (Valle del Cauca), looks to give tools that permit students to strengthen their leadership capacities in order to design and execute projects of social impact in their own context.

“Lactancia Amor Natural“, based in Medellín (Antioquia), looks to educate mothers in refugee populations about the health and nutritional advantages of breastfeeding, to decrease the levels of malnutrition in the community.

“Alimentando la esperanza de los niños campesinos”, based in Albán (Cundinamarca), looks to improve nutritional safety and increase nutritional coverage in up to 84% of vulnerable children in the rural communities.

“Pre-Textos” based in Quibdó (Chocó), looks to increase and develop critical reading and reasoning by educating teachers to stimulate reading and writing creativity. This project is under the umbrella of literacy, leadership and civic education.

For more information on previous projects, the event, or register to donate, please visit: NEACOL