Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo

When: November 1, 2023
Where: Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Institution: Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo
Facilitators & Team: Milagros Alizegui, Tálata Rodriguez, Marisa Pesavento, Marcela Cabutti y Rubén Miranda.

On Thursday, November 2, we visited with the kids who participate in our workshops at the Recreando Juntos Juegoteca the exhibition “Se va el caimán, se va el caimán” by our workshop leader Marcela Cabutti at the National Museum of Decorative Art of the City of Buenos Aires. We also received a guided tour by the Museum’s team that allowed us to learn more about its history and get in touch with the pieces that are part of its collection.

The artist Marcela Cabutti works with Pre-Textos-Argentina as a workshop leader in a project that involves three-dimensional art, the acquisition of knowledge about artistic crafts and the use of tools in materials such as wood, Styrofoam or ceramics.

This outing is part of the Cultural Expeditions program developed by Pre-Textos Argentina to complement its regular workshops. These excursions allow us to come into direct contact with artistic and environmental practices and to get to know the trades that are linked to them.