I.E Escuela Normal Superior de Quibdó


When: February – May 2017
Where: Chocó, Colombia
Institution: I.E Escuela Normal Superior de Quibdó


During the first semester of the 2017 school year, ten teachers from the Escuela Normal Superior de Quibdó (who had been trained in Pre-Texts in January 2017) used the Pre-Texts methodology in their classes, strengthening students’ reading comprehension skills and developing strategies to transform aspects of political and socio-cultural relevance in the classroom.


Through the follow-up process, a total of 424 students were impacted by the methodology. The teachers discovered how they could use Pre-Texts to support the local culture related to apprenticeship and the oral practices in Chocoana culture. Although technological resources were scarce in the community, teachers were able to provide extremely precise and extensive oral reports to keep the Pre-Texts follow-up group aware of the process and what was happening inside the classrooms.