Hogares-Orphanages 2010

When: October 2010
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Institution: Hogares-Orphanages 2010
Facilitator: Doris Sommer


The Project “The contribution of Developmental Psychology” in the work with children and adolescents at social risk” proposed a bridge between the Faculty of Psychology of University of Buenos Aires and the community.

This project is being applied since 2001 in foster care institutions. A steady group of students and faculty staff visit weekly the institutions and share a space with the children based on playing activities, school homework and reading and writing stimulation. Twice a month the group receives supervision by a senior psychoanalyst at the University.

Sharing Paper Picker Press experience was a stimulating experience to introduce the workshop and encourage children to perform their own books. In the pictures presented we show how some children were successful in their commitment and were proud to expose their work in the group and some were disappointed and frustrated and destroy their work.

Children traumatized by family deprivation and abandonment, frequently express their hate and frustration in their production. Our objective is to offer a holding and close presence in order to create a continent bond that could help to repair past failures in attachment. This steady presence contributes to self-confidence and enriches motivation towards cognitive activities and symbolic production.

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