Harvard’s Signet Society

When: December 11, 2015
Where: Cambridge, MA, USA
Institution: Harvard’s Signet Society
Facilitator: Doris Sommer


Prof. Doris Sommer hosted a Pre-Texts workshop at Harvard’s Signet Society in December 2015. The Signet Society is the place at Harvard where students and faculty who are interested in the arts can meet over lunch and without academic constraints. Special events such as readings, talks, screenings, shows, and receptions reflect the interests of undergraduates, graduate, and associate members alike: literature, the performing arts, the fine arts, the social sciences, politics, and culture. Renowned artists, writers, actors, and scholars visiting Cambridge often join Signet members for discussions or to give more formal presentations.


Magdalene Zier from Havard’s Signet Society reflected on the workshop:


The Signet is a community of artists, including undergraduates and faculty members, which serves a setting for conversation and collaboration. Our hope is to expand our organization’s mission to include a service element, and Pre-Texts is the perfect ticket. We are already a group brimming with passion for the arts and the wholehearted belief in their power to educate, enfranchise, and make change. Next semester, we hope to expand our work with Pre-Texts to help foster this enthusiasm in the larger Boston community. 


The December 11th workshop, during which we engaged in a variety of exercises surrounding a passage from Prometheus Bound, was a lovely introduction to the Pre-Texts approach. All of the Signet members who attended enjoyed themselves and came away with an invigorated enthusiasm for our Signet Service initiative. We look forward to future work with Pre-Texts!