Global Leaders Program

When: January 7-12, 2019
Where: Remote (Frutillar, Chile)
Facilitator: Doris Sommer

Cascade Effect


From January 7th to 12th, 40 Cohort Members of the 2019 Global Leaders Program (GLP) – motivated change-makers in community development through music representing 25 different nations – used a difficult, beautiful text as a vehicle for exploring the intersection of literacy, art, innovation, and citizenship. 


In the space of music education for social justice, an ever-growing movement that started in South America and that has now reached most regions of the world, music educators constantly consider ways of furthering their impact with underserved students. 


Pre-Texts offered GLP participants just that – by turning a difficult text, “The Agony of Rasu Niti” by José María Arguedas into an 18-century-style recitatif, a narrated musical improvisation, and other creative shapes, GLP participants experienced profound transferable lessons in creative and critical thinking, social innovation, and civic development; lessons that will resonate through different regions of the world, aiming to build crucial skills in underserved youth.

The Global Leaders Program empowers a rising generation of changemakers in music to transform lives and communities through an innovative nine-month Executive Graduate Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, Cultural Agency, Policy Leadership, Teaching Artistry, and Organizational Management. Led in partnership with nine top universities and think tanks; a world-class faculty that includes Nobel Laureates, Grammy Winners, and TED presenters; and a network of institutional Fieldwork hosts spanning 40+ countries, the Program is offered annually to a select Cohort of 50 rising leaders in the field from around the globe.


In January, the full Cohort gathers in Southern Chile for a 15-day Residence. Combining both fieldwork activities and module learnings into one experience, this cultural immersion combines in-person seminars, cohort-led music camps, group assignments with regional NGOs, and a variety of investigative field trips. This residence is curated by Harvard University’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) and the Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University, along with a number of additional on-site guest faculty from Harvard and other international institutions.

For the second consecutive year, Doris Sommer (Ira Jewell Williams Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and Director of the Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University), led the 2019 Global Leaders Program’s 7th Module, “Cultural Agency; Engaged Aesthetics Towards Social Innovation”, with a Pre-Texts workshop in Frutillar, Chile for international cohort members – motivated change-makers in community development through the arts.