Fundación BogotART

When: June 2015
Where: Bogotá, Colombia
Institution: Fundación BogotART
Facilitator: Victoria Mena


BogotART is a social venture founded in September 2013, dedicated to promoting a more democratic world by providing free access to arts to marginalized communities in Colombia and engaging at-­risk youth in cultural endeavors. 


Using the public space as its main arena of work, BogotART co-­creates art in conjunction with community members and delivers free art and creativity workshops to children and youth that normally do not have access to these opportunities.


Their ultimate goal is to use arts as a catalyst of social equality, whereby all individuals, regardless of their social, economic or cultural background can find a space to thrive and fully develop their talents and use them to improve society.


In June 2015, Victoria Mena facilitated a Pre-Texts workshop with youth living in the Perseverancia neighborhood in Bogotá. Watch videos of the workshop here: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.