Escuela de Bachilleres Ateneo Fuente

When: November, 2014
Where: Coahuila, Mexico
Institution: Escuela de Bachilleres Ateneo Fuente


Three months after the start of Pre-texts at the Universidad de Coahuila, the Escuela de Bachilleres Ateneo Fuente, and the Instituto de Ciencias y Humanidades (Coahuila, Mexico), students and teachers continue to explore new possibilities for teaching and learning that integrate art making into standard curriculum.

According to Voroca Dávila, the Pre-text Coordinator in Mexico, teachers have become facilitators, and knowledge is being produced collectively in the classroom through the use of art. The success of this experience has motivated its expansion into other areas besides English learning, such as mathematics, biology and chemistry. To read more about this experience see: