Engine for Art, Democracy and Justice

When: October 21, 2020
Where: Remote (Nashville, TN, USA)
Facilitator: Doris Sommer
Event name: Engine for Art, Democracy and Justice: Performativity and the Social Body, Episode 5

Initiated by Dr. María Magdalena Campos-Pons, “Engine for Art, Democracy and Justice” (EADJ) is a platform for creative and social exploration that takes visual representation as a focus for developing new knowledge and new practices. EADJ’s fifth episode on October 21st, 2020, considered performativity as a practice of resilience, resistance and transcendence. Sociality, subjectivity, and other concepts of embodied research, were discussed as antidotes to structures of oppression, inequity, white supremacy, and patriarchy.

Participants included:
Moderator: Candice Amich, Assistant Professor of English, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, US.
Speakers: Doris Sommer, Director of Cultural Agents Initiative and Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and of African and African American Studies, Harvard University, US; Cecilia Vicuña, Artist and Poet, New York, US and Santiago, Chile; Nikki A. Greene, Assistant Professor of the Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora, Wellesley College, US.
Respondent: Grace Aneiza Ali, Assistant Professor and Provost Fellow in the Department of Art & Public Policy at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, US.
Artist intervention: Shamell Bell, dancer, choreographer, lecturer on Somatic Practices and Contemporary Global Performance, Harvard University.

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