MABE 2023
Olatz Etxebarria

On March 11, 2023, Pre-Texts was presented at the MABE 2023 conference in Hartford where teachers, principals, coaches and school district leaders gathered. In addition to briefly explaining the protocol, we did a small workshop as it could not be otherwise.

The text we used was selected by asking a middle school literature teacher for a text that he found difficult to work with in the classroom.

Text: Definition of a Gentleman, John Henry Newman’s Essay Is a Prime Example of Character Writing, By Richard Nordquist

Full Report by Olatz Etxebarria



  • Indicator of development in all fields (economic, political, emotional, etc.).
  • Stimulates imagination in order to comprehend texts.
  • Inspires personal expression.
  • Engages a range of experiences at a safe distance.


  • Starts with creativity, a universal human drive.
  • Depends on facts and critical reflection.
  • Requires reinterpretation of given material.
  • Develops best with a diversity of proposals.


  • Derives from diversity as a source of pleasure.
  • Thrives on admiration of everyone for everyone.
  • Appreciates facts and critical reflections.
  • Recombines materials and experiences.