When:December 2022
Where: Holyoke, Massachusetts
Institution: Metcalf Elementary School
Facilitator: Olatz Etxebarria

“The kids had multiple opportunities to interact with the text… from interpreting paragraphs with movement to today’s activity of recreating a paragraph using legos with the purpose of going around as a group and infer what paragraph the groups had made, all the time referring back to the text and reading the paragraphs.All of the students were using the Spanish vocabulary consistently and independently throughout the whole lesson and you had a 100% student engagement and discussion about the text.
You also extended the lesson to home by asking students to reflect about the text learning and bringing an artifact  from home that represented the students’ reflections. Students were sharing their thoughts and artifacts’ connections to the text proudly.  The lesson ended by forming a circle and having students share what they had done/learned today and everyone’s participation in this was expected,” said Militza Semidei,  Literacy Coach at Holyoke Public School about Olatz Etxebarria implementation of Pre-Texts in classroom.


  • Indicator of development in all fields (economic, political, emotional, etc.).
  • Stimulates imagination in order to comprehend texts.
  • Inspires personal expression.
  • Engages a range of experiences at a safe distance.


  • Starts with creativity, a universal human drive.
  • Depends on facts and critical reflection.
  • Requires reinterpretation of given material.
  • Develops best with a diversity of proposals.


  • Derives from diversity as a source of pleasure.
  • Thrives on admiration of everyone for everyone.
  • Appreciates facts and critical reflections.
  • Recombines materials and experiences.