Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

When: June 2008
Where: Cambridge, MA
Institution: Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center


At the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Cultural Agents installed a stationary show exhibiting works by Paper Picker Press participants. The exhibit involved the audience, asking passersby to read the stories and contribute their own messages. In this space, the Paper Picker Press team held sixteen hours of classes for Boston area summer program participants and their staff. Sessions were broken into two-hour sessions and included forty participants.


In keeping with the Cultural Agents Initiative’s mission to activate art as a social resource, the exhibition highlighted photography as a creative agent of change, as a creative practice that can make measurable contributions to the education and development of communities worldwide. The hope was that the exhibition would inspire the replication of such participatory photography projects in the greater Boston area and provide spaces for the Boston community to reflect on the links between the arts and human rights.